"This event reminds meof the faith of children; a faith that allows them to smile and celebrate life in the midst of trials and tribulations for this party is truly a time for the celebration of life."           

Woody Wolfe


2012 was the first party I helped with. Let me tell you how richly blessed it made me feel being a part of something this Inspirational, Incredible to say the least. Kerry you have a heart of gold and you were so glowing with pure love that day. Thank you for inviting me to play a small role in making children smile. Each and every one of you there was a true Blessing to my heart. May God Bless You All Abundantly!"
Love and Hugs,



"Being involved with this party is such a great experience. It has not only helped me with my future career as a special education teacher but it has also helped the lives of these children. It is an awesome opportunity to help these children and see them smile. I Can't wait to help again in the future.


I was helping at the temporary tattoo booth, and although the tattoos were not permanent I hope we all made a permanent impact on every single gift from god that attended the party! I cannot wait to see where the new year leads us, and see all of those shining faces again!

Emily Jane


I am so thankful that you gave me the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful thing ! I can't wait to design this years cake if you will have me back! What a blessing! Thank you so much!!!!"

Kathy Joline

"I serve as the President of a local non profit that assists families with medical needs and have a passion for helping others. There is nothing better than knowing you are helping someone that is going through so much. In addition I myself have a child with a terminal illness that is a part of the Magical memories party each year. The name Magical Memories is aperfect name because Kerry and the volunteers truly make this a magical day for so many children. The faces of the children, some who it may be there last party is priceless. I look forward to being a volunteer for this event for years to come."

Josh Richards

Volunteering for this party is an amazing thing. What a great feeling it is to be surrounded by all those smiling children who are going through so much .I can't wait to help again this year, everyone really does anamazing job pulling this event together for the children and their families!        

Kristi Betz

As the mother of a child with a illness that's life threatening there is nothing better thanseeing her smile. When we went on her wish trip from Make A Wish it was magical for her. After we came home from that we thought it was great that we were able to have the chance to do it with her and thought that was it. When we received the invitation to the first Christmas party she lit up. It was the most amazing party for all the kids but seeing my child light up again made me happy. Every single year she looks forward to it and it truly is a magical experience for her. They do an outstanding job making sure that each child knows how special they are. Even my older children have gotten involved and so have a few of my friends and love doing it just to see the smiles on each child's face!!! It is truly the most magical day for these kids!!! Kerry does an outstanding job on making the day the most memorable day for the kids.

Cindy Lohr Mother of child

Thank you for allowing us toshare in this special event. It is the highlight of our Christmas season. There is so much love that abounds. We participate to bless every family and child there. However, we leave being blessed beyond what we could ever dream! Please keep inviting us!

Donna Bridge-Kingdom Kidz Puppets


Bringing my girls to this Christmas party in 2012 which was our first year was amazing for us because we knew it was going to be Audrianna's Last Christmas. Everyone was super nice,the crafts were great, the picture booth was awesomeand i got some great memories from it. Santa was wonderful with Audrianna even though she didnt feel well enough to get out of her wheelchair and sit on his lap. I will be forever grateful for the smiles we got out of her and Kyra that day, they were able to be kids and not worry about death. Thank You Kerry for everything you do to make this event special and keep the kids happy!!

Angie Bartol Mother of child

Magical Memories is the picture of what a nonprofit organization should be. Kerry Tilford and all the people who volunteer their time have absolutely no agenda other than to bring happiness and smiles to children and their families who endure daily struggles with chronic and life threatening illnesses. They put in their all and are rewarded by providing a day for these kids that may be the highlight of their lives. They are treated to a wonderful dinner, entertainment, and all those little things that others may take for granted in a carnival like atmosphere that grows each year with the generosity of the people and businesses in the local counties of Pennsylvania. The smiles on the faces of these children are more than can be put into words. It keeps a special place in my heart and I hope to continue for many years as a sponsor and volunteer. My hope is that they continue to grow and to cover even more counties and put smiles on more children's faces. Is this not what a child's life should be all about??


Kathy Welch-Volunteer

I have had the priviledge to volunteer for this organization for the past 3 years. It has made a tremendous impact on my life to see the "magic" that occurs due to the amazingly huge hearts of people in our surrounding communities. Imagine being a child, parent, relative, or friend that has to endure a life full of doctor's appointments, surgeries, medications, and having to miss out on what most of us take for granted as "normal" childhood activities. Magical Memories takes a moment in time to freeze all that noise and chaos that these AMAZING kids have to put up with everyday of their lives, and give them something to smile about. I look forward to many more years of being a part of these memories, and am blessed to see these kiddos SMILE !!!!


Holly D-Volunteer



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