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Todays Magic....
Tomorrow's Memories
Making a difference in the life of a child






What is Magical Memories?

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization setting out to make a difference in the lives of local children faced with life threatening and terminal illnesses.  Our goal is to make magical moments for these children that turn into forever memories for not only the child, but also their family who is experiencing this journey with them. It is about the magical moment of the here and now that turns into the forever memories especially in the instant one of these children looses their fight to the illness.  Our mission is to provide events for these children with our major endeavor being an annual holiday extravaganza where these children can put their illness behind them for a moment in time to just “be a kid”.  It doesn't matter if they are in a wheel chair or have no hair, because there are others there that share similar circumstances. From entertainment of Woody Wolfe, Aaron Kelly (season 9 American Idol finalist), magicians, Kingdom Kidz puppets, to professional photographers, photo booths, crafts,games, balloon creations, superheroes, and so much more….we go above and beyond to make this a fun filled day with memories galore for the children and families to take with them.  As we grow, we are expanding to include more family oriented events throughout  the year with the addition of a Knoebels day for the children this year.  Many of these children receive “wishes” from wish granting organizations, but when their wish is completed, they no longer have that special moment of excitement and fun to look forward to but yet their illness continues as well as their hositalizations, treatments etc.  It is our goal to provide yearly events for these children so they have that “magic” to continue with them as they continue to deal with their illness.



Magical Memories a 501c3 non-profit organization striving to make

"Magical Moments and Forever Memories"

in the lives of LOCAL children with life threatening and terminal illnesses. 



 Remember your childhood? 


     Sleepovers with friends and grandparents, birthday parties, get togethers,

sports, boy scouts,girl scouts, and vacations with family? 

What if all that was replaced with frequent doctor visits, hospitalizations, 

painful procedures, medicine that makes you sick, or makes your hair

 fall out, or spending your life or a majority of it in a wheelchair

never to feel the freedom of running or climbing a tree.

 Imagine the feeling of not being able to participate in public events,

go to parties, swim in public pools, be involved in sports

 or even have friends visit for fear that you might

contract a sickness from them that could make you sicker. 

This is not what childhood is supposed to be about............BUT


     This is the world of many of our kiddos. 


Magical Memories is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

for children facing life threatening and terminal illnesses.

From the day of their diagnosis, their world has been 

turned upside down and a part of their childhood has been 

taken from them.

Magical Memories strives to make magical moments and forever memories

in the lives of these children and their families,

especially in the instance when one of these children looses their fight to their illness. 


     Magical Memories’ holds special days such as our main event which is

annual holiday extravaganza 

for these children and their families. A day to be “just a kid” 

and to put their illnesses behind them for a moment in time.

A moment to have fun that will turn into forever memories 

for all who are involved. 

Since starting this event eight years ago, we have grown quickly 

and with that growth, we adding more  events

for these children throughout the year as well. 

2016 added a new addition as we held our first annual

FAMILY GATAHERING at Knoebels amusement resort. 


     Magical Memories could NOT do what we do without 

support from the community and the dedication of those 

who give in so many ways to help make this magic happen. 

We receive support in many ways, from monetary donations,

to sponsorships for fundraising events like the

"Magical Miles for Magical Smiles 5K" 


"Jill Reynolds Magical Memories Golf Tournament".

We also have support such as

the Sunbury Legions Rider's "Kurt and Mayson Annual Motorcycle Ride", 

The Northumberland Legion Riders Bike Ride,

Toy donations, silent auction and chinese Auction items, 

Magical Memories annual yard sale and vendor event and Fall Festival which are held at Rohrbach Farm Market, 

 as well as many

volunteers who reach out to help make all these events a reality.

If anyone would like to help in 

any way please feel free to contact any of our board members. 


 The focus for Magical Memories and the lives we touch

is the Magical Moments for the here and now

the joy, happiness,and enjoyment of what childhood should be


the Forever Memories for the entire family, 

especially in the circumstances 

that one of these children looses their fight totheir disease.














There could not be a more fitting name for the Magical Memories Foundation.
After all, that's what the key individuals of this organization
strive for each year - to create magical memories
for children with terminal illnesses. And THAT's exactly what they do! 

From the moment these kids walk/drive/are carried through the door,
the magical moments begin.  Each child is made to feel as if he/she is the
center of the world - even if just for a moment. The entertainment is extremely appropriate
for these children and....entertaining. The decorations are nothing short of spectacular.
The arts, crafts, and photo center is a nirvana (something these kids get to experience little of).
Most of all, those coordinating this event pour their heart and soul into their work.
You can feel it in their handshake or hug and see it in their eyes.
It is one of the most heart warming events of the year -
and my boy counts down the days between annual parties. 

Simply stated: No words could express how grateful we are to have this experience each year.
Kudos to ALL of those individuals who manage to pull this off every year.
Bobbi-Mother of Magical Memories child


Magical Memories  121 Colonial Lane   Turbotville Pa  17772   570-337-5640